M.P.P.S. (Metropolitan Police Photographic Society)

I was for 4 years a member of the M.P.P.S. and once a month I attended Seminars held at Scotland Yard in the conference room where highly talented and respected creative people from within the Photography industry gave talks and visual displays of the work.

4th September 2008, I attended a Photographic seminar with guest speaker and Notable Commercial Photographer Brian Griffin ( While there he shared images going back over more than 30 years. This is a successful world class Photographer who definitely thinks outside the box. His thoughts on the use of lighting props and how he creates his masterpieces meant that this was definitely one of the highlights in my Photography journey.

2nd October 2008, I attended a Photoshop seminar with guest speaker and freelance graphic artist Steve Caplin who specialises in Satirical PhotoMontages, and is also the author of How to cheat in Photoshop.( Steve shared some of his amazing skills and techniques in photoshop to produce some very impressive and to the eye realistic Montages. He is definately an Adobe Software genius and for me it has just strengthened my enthusiasm even more to practice and improve my editing skills using this amazing software. When you see what the software is really capable of when demonstrated by a master like Steve, the time and effort put in learning the techniques is worth every minute. I recommend anybody who gets the opportunity to see Mr Caplin in action do so as you will be introduced to a world that knows no boundaries. Another step in my Photographic journey that will last a long time.

8th December 2009 I attended a Photographic seminar with guest speaker Underwater Photographer Maria Munn, who specialises in capturing amazing Sea and Fresh water images using Compact digital cameras. I was astounded at the quality of images and vibrancy of the colours that could be recorded using a simple compact Camera. Maria set up and runs Ocean Visions ( a few years ago who specialise in teaching Divers and Photographers how to capture underwater images using Compact cameras. The seminar was a fantastic introduction to underwater Photography and being an ex Scuba diver and keen Photographer has got my creative juices flowing to an extent that I want to strap on a tank, grab my camera housing and explore another side of Photography. This seminar was another highlight in my Photographic journey.

On the 5th February 2009 I attended a Photographic seminar with guest speaker renowned Photojournalist Simon Norfolk ( ) A lot of Simon,s Photography is around War torn areas like Iraq and Afghanistan and to say his work is inspiring is an understatement and all though his subject matter sometimes will pull at certain heart strings he has a style of Photogaphy when covering War issues that makes you understand and take notice. He has also done a lot of work for National Geographic and his work on famous Temples around the world was inspiring to view. Add to that in person he is a down to earth person who from listening to him speak about his and other Artists/Photographers work is truly passionate about and thankful for what he does, this truly was another highlight on my Photographic journey.

5th March 2009 I had the pleasure of attending a Photographic Seminar with guest speaker renowned and sought after social Photographer Uzair Kharawala ( who specialises in natural lighting, and off camera flash, He is a multi award-winning Photographer recently being awarded UK Environmental Portraiture Photographer Award.

Seeing some of his images up on the screen was amazing but a bit hard to believe that he gets the results he does with his Wedding and Portrait images, using only natural lighting teamed with off camera flash when required, then he gave a live demonstration by shooting a Model in front of us and showing us the results. I Have seen some very talented and inspiring world renowned people from the Photographic world recently at London seminars, but Uzair has stirred up my creative juices even more so to get my hands dirty and try more OFF CAMERA flash, it was an honour and pleasure to be present at this Seminar and was another step on my Photographic journey that I will treasure forever.....

On the 2nd April 2009 I had the pleasure of being at a Seminar given by highly respected, Award winning and hugely talented Photo Journalist Simon Roberts ( ) He showed us images of his 1 year journey through Russia where he compiled an amazing array of Photos that went into creating his booked The Motherland. He had captured some fabulous shots of the People BuildingS and Spirit of this fascinating country, with his work he shows the true passion of the People, the spectacular Architecture of the buildings and the rich and vibrant colours of the Land. Simon truly has a passion for what he does and it really shows in his work. I highly recommend if you get a chance to attend one of his Seminar,s or view his exhibitions that you do so, as I feel like it has with me his work will leave a lasting and impressive inpression on your mind and inspire you to create something that will last a lifetime. Simon will definately leave his mark on the world of Photohgrapic Journalism.....

14th January 2010, I attended a Photographic seminar given by renowned Photographer Daniel Kennedy ( who specialises in shooting Fashion, Travel and Celebrities. Not only was his work inspirational but also his narration was, his vision and insight made me realise that how I have been going about improving as a Photographer over these last 3 years was the right road to take.

Daniel has some impressive captures in his Portfolio Rachel Hunter, Jordan, Naomi Campbell, Max Clifford and Angelina Jolie, to name but a few. He also has an amazing eye for his 2 image Montages, whether it be Fashion, Travel or Celebrity subjects. I highly recommend viewing his work and more importantly if you get the chance to see one of his informative and visually stimulating Seminars grab the chance with both hands as you will leave the room inspired and feeling creative.

Daniel as they say made his bones working for a local Rag in Norwich some 16 years ago shooting local events, and has always seemed to have an eye for capturing a news worthy Image, he also where possible prefers to shoot natural lighting sources, as he states there is no better lighting to work with, and no 2 days are the same. It was a pleasure and an honour watching this Talented Photographers portfolio of many years work unfold before my very eyes, and if I get an opportunity to be inspired by one of his live talks again I surely will be at the front of the Queue.....